Hosted Servers & Apps

At IT Company, we offer the perfect cloud solution for all your hosted server and application requirements. Instantly access your business applications from any device: tablets, laptops, desktops or smart phones. You can now own your very own application store in the cloud.

Our single installation product removes the need to install software for users therefore helping you save on support and maintenance costs. Military grade encryption and SSL certificate enablement provides world class security. Mobile users can gain access to business applications instantly from anywhere in the world, increasing productivity by 60%. All you need to do is manage your central environment and the rest takes care of itself.


     Access via any device
     Single Installation
     World-class security
     Save on support & maintenance

    Cloud Migration

    Migrate all or part of your IT to the cloud in your own time. Replace costly desktops with cloud device. Become your own cloud provider.


    Drive productivity & growth. Publish your applications to 1 app store and then access them from anywhere in the world on any device.  

    Virtual Printing

    Print to any printer from any device, anywhere. Make sure the client device has a printer installed or you have access to a network printer & print!

    Disaster Recovery

    Save money, reputation & productivity. Instant Disaster Recovery enabled from anywhere in the world. That’s business continuity!


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