Online Backups & Data Storage

Experience 100% Up Time with the online backups & data storage recovery solution from The IT Company. RecoveryVault is an end-to-end hosted backup and recovery product. It is designed as an efficient solution for hosted online backups that are unavailable within traditional backup architecture and reduces the volume of backup assets to maintain.

All your online backups & data storage solutions are hosted in The IT Company’s secure data centres and encrypted backups are available 24/7. We offer custom-built and shared servers on Windows and Linux platforms.

Our Hosted Backup product ensures restorability of data whether you lose a file, disk, machine or an entire facility and gives you 100% Up Time.


      Pay for less storage
      Address every hosted backup scenario 
      Increased efficiency
      Holistic solution
      Traditional & innovative technologies
      Automatic upgrades

    Pay for less storage

    Save on storage with Data De-duplication, Compression and encryption. Archiving of old data to cheaper storage.

    Address all hosted backup scenarios

    Continuous Data Protection, Local and offsite backup, Laptop protection and support for heterogeneous environments.

    Single turnkey software

    Single turnkey software to install, manage and upgrade, eliminating the need to manage numerous hosted backup solutions.

    Automatic upgrades

    There is no time-consuming pushing of agents or updates out to thousands of remote-sites, servers and applications


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