IT Support – Onsite and Remote

At The IT Company, we’re always on hand when it comes to IT support and problem solving, whatever the concern, wherever you are. Our qualified technicians are able to assist you onsite or via remote access. Simply contact us or log a call with our help desk and a technician will get back to you promptly.

In most cases we are able to fix any issues by accessing your computer remotely which ensures you experience as little downtime as possible. If we are unable to assist you via remote IT support we will resolve the issue onsite as soon as possible.

How to get IT support:

     Contact the help desk
     Tell us your issue
     We’ll assess the problem and contact you
     We’ll fix the problem remotely or onsite

Onsite IT Support

Specialised assistance for issues that need to be resolved on the premises. Problems are resolved timeously by experienced, friendly technicians.

Remote IT Support

Quicker response time and savings on travel costs and time wasteage. Increased uptime. Experienced technical support just a phone call away.

Help Desk

Professional problem analysis and prompt resolving of issues. A dedicated IT Company technician will determine whether to resolve onsite or remotely.

Professional Service

Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly technicians. Their goal is to resolve your problem efficiently and as soon as possible.


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