IP Surveillance

Protect your employees and property with the latest Internet Protocol or IP Surveillance technology from The IT Company. It is becoming a top priority for businesses to monitor what’s going on within their organisation and keep an eye on the movement of goods and people – even when you’re not around.

Our solutions simplify this process for you while maintaining complete security. Superior to CCTV cameras, IP technology can send and receive data over your business and home network.

Get peace-of-mind with IP Surveillance technology.


     Monitor unauthorised movement
     Deter theft/vandalism
     Easy to use
     Wider viewing coverage

    Prevent Theft

    Ideal for the retail environment or businesses needing to control inventory. Avoid losing your stock to theft.

    24/7 Monitoring

    Now you can monitor your stock and the daily activity in your business even while you are offsite, day and night.


    Deter Vandalism

    Deter vandalism and destruction to your property by being able to keep an eye on your assets wherever you are.

    Staff Safety

    Your employees need protection as much as your business assets do. Look after their safety with our word-class system.


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