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Looking for robust Broadband fibre infrastructure? Need affordable wireless uncapped internet? Look no further. The IT Company offers superior and robust fibre infrastructure delivering an unparalleled internet experience to businesses looking for an uncapped and unshaped solution with speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Ideal for businesses looking for superior, effective, convenient and fast Internet Services.

SEACOM’s IP Transit, Ethernet and Remote Peering services provide Internet Service Providers with resilient, granular & cost-effective solutions that simplify network management, improve network uptime, and improve network latency through optimised traffic flows, ensuring high-levels of end-customer satisfaction.

As data demands continue to grow rapidly across Africa, SEACOM’s  Private Line, Ethernet and IP Transit services provide Mobile & Fixed Network Operators with cost-effective, high-bandwidth solutions that serve as the building blocks of an optimised & highly resilient network.


      Effective, convenient & fast
      Speeds of up to 1000 Mbs
      Uncapped and unshaped
      Equal upload & Download speeds
      Lower contention ratio
      100% International

    Superior Infrastructure

    Superior & robust infrastructure. No congestion resulting in superior speeds and lower latencies. Unaffected by copper theft. Effective and convenient. High speeds of up to 100Mbs.


    Flexible solutions that can be shaped to meet your connectivity needs. Uncapped and unshaped. Focus on convenience & quality. Effective and affordable solutions for small and medium enterprises.

    Symmetrical Fibre

    This means upload and download speeds are equally fast, unlike other available asymmetrical services. Important emails with large attachments or urgent documents will always go through at high speeds.


    Latest wireless technology, Long Term Evolution (LTE), provides quality solutions from a single location. Control the number of users per base station. Consistent user experience as opposed to mobile solutions.


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